What Is The Correct Placement of a Rain Shower Head?

rain shower photo

Rain Shower Placement

Joan and Bret were all set to take their first shower in their remodeled master bathroom. They had been planning on this major remodel for 2 years. The bathroom was beautiful with state of the art fixtures complete with shower sprays and the much desired rain shower head. When Joan went to order the stem for the rain dome she measured properly for her use with a stem of 2′ perfect for her height of 5’2″. Imagine Bret’s surprise when he was  banging his head on  the rain dome.


what is the correct placement of a shower rain dome?


Ideally you want a 1′ distance from the bottom of the rain shower head to the tallest person using the shower. This typically leaves the stem from the ceiling the bottom of the head at approximately 12″ to 16″ from the ceiling. If the rain shower head is installed too high it creates a pelting effect which is clearly not the desired effect. I love the look of the ceiling mounted fixtures, just make sure the ceiling height is appropriate. I believe it is very important for the people using the shower to be there when placing fixtures. Although there are general height rules it really is a custom installation.

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